Rezbárska dielňa ArtFuture Rezbárska dielňa ArtFuture Rezbárska dielňa ArtFuture

Art Future Carving Manufactory

High quality material, more than 25 years of experience and the latest technologies enable us to produce a variety of products with a high use value and good price. We also offer atypical carved products of solid wood, which are made on a modern pantographic carver machine.

Production Programme

Cooperation with the Technical Training Centre in Zvolen

On December 12th 2007 students from Technical Training Centre in Zvolen visited the Art Future Company (in Slovak).
Carved Products

For thousands of years mankind has been using wood as a natural material with excellent qualities. Wood is used for production of not only objects of everyday use, but also products, which make our life more pleasant and enjoyable. Carved products have charm of their own no matter whether it is carved furniture, decoration of cathedrals, statues, musical instruments, weapons or toys. Wood connects nature with the latest technology and workmanship. It is a material which is traditional and modern at the same time.
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